I love blogging, photography, education, engineering, finance, entrepreneurship, chess, rubiks, sudoku, puzzle, Mensa, sports, scrabble games, personal development (EQ, Personality), and programming (Apps, Webpage)

Blog Topic


Topics discussion, questions and answer, postgraduate (Master and Ph.D), research


About food, place, holiday, travel, books, gadgets, websites and many more

Hobby / Sports

Chess, rubiks, puzzle, photography, sudoku, Mensa, sports, games,


Finance, entrepreneurship, personal development (EQ, Personality, Training), and programming (Apps, Webpage)


Research Activities

Work on Manufacturing System, Operations Research, and Industrial Engineering - at other time, work on electronic projects (part of the requirement - IEM/BEM - Electronics Division)

Engineering Activities at Work

My experiences in industries (Polymer and Semiconductor) - Sawing, Die Attach, Oven, Wire Bond, 3rd Optical, Lid Attach, Gel Coat, Injection Molding, Printing, and Hot Stamping Processes

Training and Development

Throughout my working experiences - involved in Six Sigma (Yellow and Green Belt), JMP, Statistical Process Control, Problem Solving, FMEA, Design of Experiment, Research Methodology, Learning and Teaching Pedagogy



Process Engineering (Assembly Semiconductor and Polymer Industry) ; Lecturing / Program Leader (Engineering); Research ; Projects


Industry Collaboration (Any industry) ; Manufacturing / Production ; Industrial Engineering / Operations Research ; Industry 4.0 related topics ; Automation and Robotics ; Electronic project ; Modelling and Simulation ; Statistics and Mathematics

Hobby / Sport

Chess ; Rubiks ; Puzzle ; Photography ; Sudoku ; Mensa ; Sports (Badminton, Squash, Running, Jogging, Ice Skating, Roller Skating, Swimming) ; Read Books ; Games


Finance ; Entrepreneurship ; Personal Development (EQ, Personality, Training) ; Programming (Apps,Webpage)

My ACHIEVEMENTS / Awards / Appreciations

Pertandingan Fizik Kebangsaan 1997
Sijil Pencapaian Kepujian
Australian National Chemistry Quiz 1997
Class: Credit in Junior Division
Anugerah Dekan
Semester 2 Session 1998/1999 for collecting GPA 3.56
PMR (7A)
Sijil Kecemerlangan Akademik and Kokurikulum
Chess Competition (Organized by Sam Tet School - 1994/1995)
1st Place
Chess Competition (Organized by SMJPP Chess Club - 1995)
9th Placed
Chess Competition (MSSPK Daerah Kinta 1 - 1996)
4th Placed - Under 20 Years Old Category
Chess Competition (Organized by ST.Michael's Institution Ipoh - 1997)
Best 4th Board Player Category, 1st Place Team Category
Chess Competition (Organized by SM. Anderson Ipoh - 1998)
2nd Place Team Category
Award of Excellence - April 2017
Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd - M-site (For Outstanding Performance and Contribution to Carsem Organization)
UTP Open Chess Championship 2018
8th Place (Individual Category)
Pertandingan Catur Tertutup KUiTTHO 2001
8th Place (Individual Category)
Chess Event at Polymatech (M) Sdn Bhd 2004
Chess Event at Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd (Ceria Games Carnival 2007)
Certificate of Appreciation (Internship Coordinator)
By Niche Evelator Sdn Bhd
Certificate of Award (Diamond Award) - July 2020
Event: Thesis 5 Minutes, Category - PhD in Science, Engineering and Technology, Mode: Online Video Presentation - by MNNF Publisher

About ME

Hello, My name is Kok Hoe, the owner of the website (Kok Hoe Personal Blog)

A little bit of my background – currently I am pursuing part-time PhD in Engineering at UTAR Kampar, at the same time I work as lecturer cum program leader at SEGi College Penang including part-time tutor at Wawasan Open University. Previously, I was a process engineer at Carsem (M) Sdn Bhd and Polymatech Sdn Bhd (worked on processes such as Sawing, Mounting, 2nd Optical, Die Attach, Oven Cure, Wire Bond, 3rd Optical, Injection Molding, Printing, and Hot Stamping).

I obtained Master of Science in Engineering from Open University Malaysia in year June 2012 and Bachelor in Electrical Engineering from Universiti Tun Hussein Onn in year June 2002. My preference of engineering works and research topics are manufacturing, process engineering, operations research, and industrial engineering. I am a Graduate Engineer at IEM/BEM in Electronic division (at some time, I shall work a bit of electronic projects and attempt to sit for professional engineer (IR) test in the future.


Kok Hoe

Vision of the Blog

“To be a blog medium to collaborate and serve with people from all level to meet dynamic changes such as IR4.0, people 4.0, gap between industry and workers, people competency, and welfare in the modern society” 

Mission / Objective of the Blog

1. To inspire and guide people to increase competency and relevant to meet the modern society requirement

2. To assist people all levels (knowledge, skills, thoughts, exposure)

4. To assist industry / service sector to meet the requirement in human capital

5. To bridge the gap of information among organization, club, society, knowledge, skills, and training with people

6. To create a blog medium for people to search and acquire for the related information